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Private Bag 50024, Gore 9740, New Zealand

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Gore High School Board of Trustees

The Gore High School Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance of the school.


Our mission is ‘Educating our young people to become purposeful and successful citizens, contributing to society, and pursuing their passions.’

Declaration of Parent and Staff Election Results for 2019 


Parent representative votes:


Brown, Bobbi           104 votes

Harrex, Brendon      126 votes

Michaels, Guy            92 votes

Murray, Alistair         104 votes

Williams, Ken             82 votes

Wilson, Chris              74 votes


Invalid Votes: 2


I hereby declare the following duly elected:


  • Bobbi Brown

  • Brendon Harrex

  • Guy Michaels

  • Alistair Murray

  • Ken Williams

Staff representative vote:


At the close of nominations as there was only one valid nomination received.  I hereby declare David Cooke as duly elected.

Maree Barclay

Returning Officer


This year’s meetings will be held in the Gore High School Meetings Room from 7.00 pm on the following dates:

  • 18th September

  • 23rd October

  • 20th November

Financial Statements


A copy of the school's 2017 and 2018 Audited Accounts are available by clicking on the respective link.