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Arts & Culture

The school has a strong tradition in many cultural activities. These include an annual Prefects’ Variety Concert, an annual production, the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare competition, a Junior Variety Concert, a school choir, jazz band, rock bands and itinerant music classes.

The annual school production has proven very popular with the students and the community, with regular ‘SOLD OUT’ nights.

All students have the chance to pursue musical interests and is available from itinerant vocal and instrumental teachers.

These opportunities include tuition in all percussion instruments, saxophone, clarinet, jazz piano, flute, cornet and trumpet.

We also run ‘out of school’ musics classes where tuition in guitar, violin, cello, double bass and recorder are available.
This involves numerous school performances by drama and dance classes, the rock and jazz bands and buskers.
The school also hosts visiting artists during the week.

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