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Contact Us

28 Coutts Road, Gore 9710, New Zealand

Telephone: 0064 (0)3 208 9130

Key telephone extension numbers:

Business Manager (Kirsty Bell): Ext. 219

Executive Assistant (Hayley Knapp): Ext. 220

Accounts (Holly Stevenson): Ext. 233

Main Reception (Rebecca Patching): Ext 200

Learning Hub: Ext. 244

Library (Marilyn Watson/Donna Hanley): Ext. 232  

Sports Co-ordinator (Shannon Fairbairn): Ext. 206  

Uniform Shop (Jenny Wallis): Ext. 234

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Staff email addresses:
Rector (John McKinlay):
Deputy Principal (Amy Chrisitie):
Assistant Principal (Ian Connorton):

Assistant Principal (Nadine Fletcher):

Business Manager (Kirsty Bell):
Executive Assistant (Hayley Knapp):
Receptionist/Attendance Officer (Rebecca Patching):

Accounts (Holly Stevenson):

Sports Co-ordinator (Shannon Fairbairn):

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