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Connected Learners For Life

Using technology to enhance and enable learning

At Gore High School we believe in allowing students to become connected learners for life. ICT allows greater collaboration, personalized delivery of curriculum, and many other opportunities to enhance teaching and learning for our students.

Preparing our students for their future

Technology has become a major part of our everyday lives and our teenagers are major consumers of content online.

Students need to be able to access their learning anytime, anywhere and have the skills to continue their learning.  As students leave school, there is increasing need for young people to be confident and competent at using technology. They need to use technology creatively, to communicate effectively and they need to develop the ability to think critically about the online content they consume.

Purchasing a device

We provide device specifications to the major retailers in Gore and we suggest that parents shop around to get the best deal. Many stores do BYOD specials which include accessories such as laptop bags and insurance.

We want all students to have the access to their own device. If you cannot afford a device at this time, please contact the school to talk about how we can help provide your child with their own device.

For help in obtaining WINZ quotes, or help with purchasing a device, please contact the school via email at


Device specifications

Windows 10 or Windows 11 (preferred operating system)

At least an i5/2.2GHZ Processor or equivalent.

4GB of RAM minimum

124GB SSD storage recommended

Wireless capability and keyboard

A minimum of 6-hour battery life

Laptop case or cover if carried in school bags

Headphones are also needed


This may help when choosing a device for your child


Please note: 

• It is recommended that laptops are covered by insurance for accidental damage although there are lockers available for storage during break times. 

• Students  are eligible to receive free Microsoft Office products, so you do not need to purchase these. 

• Students are eligible for discounts and it is recommended you ask, when purchasing locally. 

• Please note that ‘Chromebooks’ do not meet our requirements due to their limited functionality. 

Microsoft TEAMS: Our school online platform

In the same way that students come to school and attend lessons in a classroom, with a teacher in front of them, we also use an online platform called Microsoft TEAMS for day-to-day activities, communication and learning.

TEAMS has many uses, which include communication, administration, pastoral connections and learning.


How students can get on board

Students should bring their device and charger to school everyday. They are responsible for their laptop during the school day, which means being careful about where they put their bags. Lockers are available for students to use during break times.

Cell phones are not suitable for learning in the classroom.


Digital Citizenship

Gore High School believes that safe and responsible use of the internet and our online learning platform is vital in our everyday lives and for learning at school. An important part of this is following a responsible use agreement when working within our online learning environment. They are based on our school values of courtesy, responsibility and effort:


By using our online platform, staff and students are agreeing to: 

• use appropriate language, avoiding emotive terms. 

• make positive, constructive posts that relate to "connected learners for life". 

• avoid making personal remarks towards individuals. 

• show respect for other people’s opinions and their personal time. 

• enhance, not negatively affect learning and the school's positive culture. 

• use at appropriate times to avoid distractions, including in and out of class time. 

• use our school's values within this forum, of courtesy, effort and responsibility 


If someone cannot agree to act responsibly or behaves in a way that harms other people, then we may stop them having access to our online TEAMS platform, the internet or other technology at school.

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