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Learning Hub

Our Learning Hub is a specialist, special education classroom, where learning programmes are individualised and targeted to the specific needs of students.  Depending on student interest, goals and ability programmes are balanced with a mixture of mainstream lessons with their peers and personalised learning in the Hub.


An important part of our Learning Hub is the contribution of whanau and relevant specialist agencies to a students individualised education programme.  This allows us to have a team approach so students can thrive both academically and socially.


Hub students participate in reading, writing and math lessons daily with the emphasis on ‘real world’ need.  For example, Math includes Budgeting, Measurement.   Teaching focuses on an Inquiry or Project Based Learning approach. Life Skills such as – responsibility and resilience are a key focus.  Shopping, café visits, cooking and camps are also included.   Weekly swimming sessions, and Riding for the Disadvantaged can also be included in students programmes.  Once seniors, students may participate in appropriate work experience opportunities across our community many going on to work and further study.

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